Lebron Plays While Rome Burns

For the past several weeks, there have been several compelling security related, economic and political news stories that have serious short and long term consequences for each of us. Amidst this mixture of news was inserted the ongoing sports soap opera of which team Lebron James would select to be his new basketball home. 

I am an avid sports fan and I am also a news junkie, as are many of you. Call me overly sensitive but it seems to me that many of my fellow citizens have expended more energy, angst and exhibited more interest in the the Lebron saga than in the hard core challenges facing our society.
As I informally scored the conversations and level of interest evident at the “water cooler”, on t.v., radio and in print, it was a whitewash:  Lebron 60- BP Disaster 40; Lebron 80- Iranian Nuclear Plants 20;  Lebron 55- The Economy 45.
If my perception is accurate, or even close to being accurate, then Lebron wins and we are, or soon will, be big time losers.
 This is really not about Lebron. He’s just doing what he’s supposed to do; more power to him.
My observations and apprehensions are purely non-political. They are, however, based on some concerns for historical precedent. 
The Spanish philosopher, George Santayana said,
“those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.
You’ve heard the expression:
“Rome burned while Emperor Nero played his fiddle”
Although, this saying lacks some historical accuracy, it is meant to visually capture the inane and dangerous behavior of one who ignores a crisis and distracts himself with frivolous activity.
Carrying the analogy one step farther, the Roman Games and Gladiator events were a means to distract the populus from the more important issues that were eroding the quality of their lives.
Ultimately, as great an empire as the Roman Empire was, it collapsed.
Question: Are we beginning to fiddle while our society incrementally begins to collapse?
Question: Are we allowing ourselves to be seduced into “avoidance behavior” activities rather than focusing on what is really critical to our future?
It’s interesting, that the same Roman analogy that may be  occurring  on a societal level, may also apply in our personal lives.
How many of you have important, unresolved, relationship issues with your children, spouse, parents, brothers , sisters, friends or other family members which are “burning” for attention? You, however, may be “fiddling” by redirecting your attention and energy away from the issues by engaging as a shopaholic, alcoholic, workaholic, computeraholic, sleepaholic, exerciseaholic etc??
Stop avoiding the important issues critical to the future and longevity of our society and to the success and happiness of your personal life!!
Lebron did not start the fire
We chose to make him the fire
Nero had a choice between the fiddle and the water hose -he chose the fiddle
What are you choosing in your life?
Please re-visit some of your current priorities and decisions as they impact your societal and personal future!!
I just return from being out of the country, and I am actively involved in several speaking and sales training programs including Sikes Paper Company, The Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, Regent of the Seas Cruise Line, just to name a few. 
Please contact me if I  can be a resource,  as a speaker and or trainer, to you or someone you know.
I wish each of you a wonderful and safe summer.
Till Next Time,
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